This is the Japan's first graduate school that researches administration, offering a master's degree program (granting a master's degree) and a doctoral degree program (granting a doctoral degree). The master's degree program has four courses (public management, business management, information administration, and nursing administration) allowing you to acquire the basic concept of administration from various sectors, and implements problem-based education and research that can respond to the request of a community. The doctoral degree program not only implements education and research for solving problems that occur in various fields of society from various angles and comprehensively with advanced knowledge and judgment, but also implements education and research that increases the adequacy and reliability of issue solution by deepening and developing the theory of administration further. Moreover, in order to respond to the request of the advanced recurrent education to members of society, we adopt a Saturday course and a day/evening course system.


Admission Policy

1. Philosophy of the Graduate School of Administrative Studies
 Graduate School of Administrative Studies at Prefectural University of Kumamoto is the first graduate school in Japan to study administration. The philosophy is to create a new academic field of administration by results of learning, and understand the whole images of administration. Especially right after in the beginning of 21 century, it has been required academic wisdom, and it will be needed more well understanding about administration.
 In our Graduate School, we strive for social demand sincerely by turning out the human resources who takes a lead in next generation with their academic pioneering research..

2. Goals for human resources development
 Our educational purposes of Graduate School of Administrative Studies are to develop human resources who creates new field of learning of administration (like a person who is an administrative executive or scientist with outstanding specialist capabilities), or to develop human resources who can practice the philosophy of administration with specialist capability.
 Thi is what we are thinking of a person who might enter our courses.
(1)Master’s course
 ①A person who understands national and local governmental role and function which has been making a big change recent years, who wants to be able to have ability to understand and do on the job in public management with a sprite of publican and a sense of management in public field by researching the way of management and run, the way of making plans and action, the way of being cooperatively with local residents.
 ②A person who understands an essence of the economy and management, who wants to have abilities to solve problems with high administrative ability from global point, and to carry out a creative research which is based on advanced academic expertise.
 ③Using high technology of IT, a person who wants to become an expert with advanced skills of management of information, and who want to have an ability as a leader to solve the problems in machinery society or local communities at ubiquitous society.
 ④By learning knowledge and skill of leading-edge that management of nursing quality and marks, a person will be able to see each of health, medical care and welfare totally, and who wants to have abilities management of nursing in medical facilities in local area with advanced type of management and organizing in various nursing fields.
(2)Doctor’s course
 ①To solve complicated social problems, a person who wants to learn knowledge by academic point of view, who wants to have abilities to consider from various points.

3. Policy of acceptance for students
(1)Master’s course
 ①To advance your research, on the premise that your basic skills ( such as abilities of analyzing, logical thinking, and composition), you need to have professional basic knowledge and linguistic ability which is higher than certain level. (Entrance examination for general person)
 ②To advance your research, with your basic skills (such as abilities of analyzing, logical thinking, and composition) and hopefully you have enlightened experiences as a member of society.
 (Entrance examination for a member of society)
(2)Doctoral course
 ①To advance your academic research, you need to have an adequate required basic ability (such as abilities of academic knowledge, linguistic ability, inquiring mind and logical thinking.)

Configuration of the Graduate School

  • Admission Capacity for the Master's Degree Program: 20
  • Admission Capacity for the Doctoral Degree Program: 4