■Division of Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences (Master's Degree Program)

Special Lecture on Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences
Atmosphere/Water-System Environmental Science Field: Deeply Studying the Atmosphere and Water Indispensable to Humanity

【Main Subjects Offered】
Special Lecture on Atmosphere/Water System Environmental Science
Coastal Ecology
Chemical Precision Measurement Science
Environmental Substance Dynamics
Atmospheric Substance Cycle Theory

Space System Science Field: Proposing the Space Where We Get Along with Nature

【Main Subjects Offered】
Symbiotic Dwelling Space Theory
Rural Area Environmental Stock Theory
Symbiotic Urban Space Theory
Passive Environmental Coordination Engineering
Space Structure Theory

Nutrition/Health Science Field: Considering Health from the Viewpoint of Nutrition

【Main Subjects Offered】
Special Lecture on Nutrition/Health Science
Health Nutrition Administration Science
Nutrition Physiology Science
Nutrition Control Science
Clinical Function Nutrition Science

Environmental Resource Utilization Science Field: Utilizing the Limited Earth Resources

【Main Subjects Offered】
Special Lecture on Environmental Resource Utilization Science
Coastal Oceanic Resource Science
Environmental Materials Science
Special Lecture on Forest Ecology
Woody Structure Design Theory

Food Resource Utilization Science Field: Searching for Healthy and Safe Food

【Main Subjects Offered】
Botanical Resource Utilization Science
Food Functional Theory
Food Resource Safety Theory
Food Function Analysis Science
Applied Microbiology

Health and Welfare Environmentology Field: Researching Life Adaptable to Nature

【Main Subjects Offered】
Special Lecture on Health and Welfare Environmentology
Body Adaptation Engineering
Welfare Dwelling Environment Theory
Growth Development Exercise Environment Theory
Environmental Ergonomics

Seminar on Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences

【Main Subjects Offered】
・Seminar I on Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences
・Seminar II on Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences
・Seminar III on Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences
・Seminar IV on Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences
・Seminar V on Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences

Special Research

■Division of Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences (Doctoral Degree Program)

Special Research

・Special Research and Special Seminar Special Seminar on Ecology-Related Environmental Symbiosis
・Special Seminar on Residence-Related Environmental Symbiosis
・Special Seminar on Food/Health-Related Environmental Symbiosis