Department of Administrative Studies

Public Administration Course

Position Name  Field of Research 
Professor UEHARAI Kousei Administrative Law; Public law; China law; Comparative Law
Professor KOIZUMI Kazushige Public Finance; Local Government Finance
Professor SHINDO Mitsuo Systemic Functional Linguistics; Pragmatics; Communication
Professor TAKANO Takeshi Theory of international Relations
Professor YOSHIMURA Nobuaki Commercial Law
Associate Professor IDERA Miho Public Administration; Administrative Responsibility and Ethics
Associate Professor SATO Yuichiro Constitutional Law
Associate Professor MITA Tomomi Urban Sociology; Cultural Production(Fashion); Consumer Culture; Urban Subculture
Associate Professor SAWADA Michio Public Administration; Collaboration; Study of General Administration

Business Administration Course

Position Name  Field of Research 
Professor IDA Takanori Public Economics
Professor MATSUO Takashi Money and Banking; Economic Thought
Professor MARUYAMA Yasushi Marketing; Marketing Research; Branding
Professor MORI Michiyo Accounting (Financial Accounting)
Professor HWANG Jea Nam Organizational Theory; Comparative Management; Human Resource Theory
Associate Professor IIJIMA Kenji Sociometrics
Associate Professor KAWANISHI Takuya Corporate Finance; Industrial Organization
Associate Professor FUJII Yoriko Strategic Management; Management of Information Systems; Technology Managemet; Marketing; Telecommunications Policy
Associate Professor HONDA Keiichiro Econometrics; International Trade
Associate Professor MOCHIZUKI Nobuyuki Cost Accounting; Management Accounting
Associate Professor YAMANISHI Yuki Positive Accounting

Information Administration Course

Position Name  Field of Research 
Professor IIMURA Ichiro Intelligent Informatics
Professor TSUMAGARI Takashi Informatics
Professor MIURA Akira Information Engineering; Communication Network
Professor MIYAZONO Hiromitsu Acoustic Information Engineering; Sound Psychology
Associate Professor KANAI Takashi Knowledege and Reasoning
Associate Professor KOZONO Kazutake Educational Information Engineering
Associate Professor BEAUFAIT Paul Applied Linguistics; Computer-Assisted Language Learning; Language Teacher Development
Senior Lecturer ISHIBASHI Ken Kansei Informatics
Research Associate SAGARA Muneomi Educational Engineering; Control Engineering

Information Administration Course

Position Name  Field of Research 
Professor ARAKI Kiyoko Nursing Policy; Public Health Nursing
Professor ESAKI Ichiro Social Ethics; Philosophy of Law; Environmental Law
Professor AMANO Taku Social Security; Medical Care and Welfare
Associate Professor SHIROUZU Mako Nursing Management; Nursing Education; Clinical Nursing
Associate Professor TANAKA Yuji Applied Linguistics; Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition
Associate Professor YASUNAMI Sayoko Science of Nursing (Nursing Administration; Nursing Education)