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Exchange with Sangmyung University, Korea

   We entered into a sister-school relationship with Sangmyung University of Korea in 1989, and have been expanding and deepening our friendship and exchange ever since.

Practical Training for Japanese-Language Teachers' Course

   Students enrolled in the University's Japanese-Language Teachers' Course are dispatched under this program for a one-week visit to Sangmyung University in Korea, generally in October.

Receiving Short-Term Language Students

   Every year in about June the University accepts students from Sangmyung University in Korea for about one week of exposure to Japan and Japanese people and language.

Exchange Students on a Yearly Basis

   We signed a formal agreement on credit exchange and collection of tuition fees with Sangmyung University in February 1997, making student exchange possible, and now students are exchanged for one-year periods. 
Outline of Sangmyung University
  Founded: 1937
  Location: Chonan City, Chungchongnam-do, Korea
  Students: About 1,700
  Faculties: Faculty of Language and Literature, Faculty of Industry, Faculty of Design, etc.

Exchange with Montana State University, USA

   To improve English language capabilities and communication in keeping with our objectives of imbuing students with skills needed for international society, we signed a student exchange agreement with the Billings and Bozeman campuses of Montana State University in September 1997. Montana State and Kumamoto Prefecture have already entered into a sister-state agreement. Our students are now able to experience living and studying in an English environment. 

Dispatch of Institute Group in Winter

   To assist students in gaining an awareness of international issues and deepening their understanding of other cultures, students are dispatched to the Montana State University Bozeman Campus for about three weeks. In addition to English language, they also attend seminars on American culture, as well as enjoying skiing, homestay and more.

Exchange Students on a Yearly Basis

   Student exchange is now possible with the Billings and Bozeman campuses of Montana State University, with credit and tuition fees exchange included.
Outline of Montana State University, Bozeman Campus
Founded: 1893
Location: Bozeman, Montana, America 
Campus area: 1,170 acres (about 4.74 million square meters)
Students: 11,267
Course types: One-semester (two-semester type) and summer session
Faculties: Faculty of Business, Faculty of Education, Health and Human Services, Faculty of Literature and Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Architecture and the Arts, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Nursing
Outline of Montana State University, Billings Campus
Founded: 1927
Location: Billings, Montana, America
Campus area: 92 acres (about 380,000 square meters)
Students: 4,206
Course types: One-semester (two-semester type) and summer session
Faculties: Faculty of Literature and Science, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Education and Human Services

Student Exchange with Three Institutions

   The university offers exchange-student programs to three universities: Montana State University Bozeman and Montana State University Billings in the U.S., and Sangmyung University in Korea.
   Students are able to attend classes given in English or Korean, and applications are accepted from any students enrolled in the undergraduate program.
   It is also possible to apply for the Japan International Education Association's scholarships, which pay 80,000 monthly. 

Receiving Foreign Exchange Students

   We began accepting foreign students in 1988, and today many students from China, Korea, Taiwan and other places around the world attend our undergraduate, master's and doctoral degree programs. Together, the foreign students studying at the university are working to build stronger bonds of friendship with other East Asian nations.