Think Globally, Act Locally.


The Prefectural University of Kumamoto(PUK),building upon 64 years of history and traditions, provides a contemporary education geared for a new era, stimulating intellectual curiosity, enriching creativity, and opening doors on challenging times.

This university education will prepare you for promising careers calling for engagement in,and contributions to, both local and global societies.

Ideals of the
Prefectural University of Kumamoto

PUK strives to enable students to both analyze issues and resolve problems facing proximate communities, while opening its doors to local residents, too, in order to become a center of intellectual creativity and community development.
PUK aims to provide an education comprehensive of arts and humanities, natural and social sciences that instills general knowledge and fosters academic sensibilities through interdisciplinary studies.
Finally, PUK endeavors to develop exchanges among people not only across Asia, but also around the world, The purpose of such endeavors is to respond proactively within an era of deepening internationalization, by celebrating and promoting various aspects of multinational cultures.