Campus Life

Student Support

Office Hours


Face-to-Face Guidance as You Need It
All teachers at PUK have designated office hours, during which students can visit to discuss anything they wish to related to their studies, future career choices, and other matters. Of course, students may also knock on teachers' doors outside these hours, or email teachers freely.

Learning Support Space (LSS)


The LSS is a room in the University Library staffed by volunteers (graduate students and fourth-year students) ready to give study advice of all kinds to students from any department of the university.



We offer individual counseling with a health nurse, a clinical psychotherapist, or a teacher to help you work toward problem resolution in study, career, health, and other life concerns. We also provide e-mail counseling.

Student Handbook


We issue all students a handbook providing information on campus life such as classes, exams, club activities, and scholarships.


Various Procedures and Certificates


The Student Affairs Office provides assistance in procedures for inter-faculty transfer, study away, and graduation, among others. We also issue Student Identification Cards, Student Registration Certificates, and academic transcripts. These certificates can be obtained through the automated machines.



We have resources available to help you find housing near the PUK campus or in Kumamoto City. You do not need to pay brokerage fees.

Part-time Work


We provide resources to help students find part-time work for the purpose of financial aid. However, you are expected to engage in part-time work only to the extent that it does not interfere with your studies.

Giving students a voice: A Letter to the President


The university website features a Letter to the President page, from where any student can voice his or her opinions or concerns regarding the university.