Theses for B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degree

Ph.D. degree

Fiscal yearNameTitle
2017 Wei Hu Bacterial concentration, viability and composition in the rainwater of cyclones, stationary fronts and typhoons
Satoshi Toyonaga Rainwater chemistry associated with synoptic weather at the southwestern coast of Japan
2015 Kotaro Murata Evolution of airborne bacteria in association with synoptic weather
Satoshi Fukushima Deposition and backscattering properties of dust particles in the marine atmosphere
2011 Kazutaka Hara Characterization of airborne bacteria in long-range transported dust
2010 Hiroko Ogata Invesitigation of the solubility of chemical compositions in dust particles
2007 Hezhe Ji Investigation of atmospheric particulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Kumamoto, Japan

M.S. degree

2018 Rin Tomisaki Study on Multiplying Potential of Airborne Bacteria in Artificial Seawater
Makiko Nishi Comparison of Morphology and Elemental Composition of KOSA Particles Collected at Coast Sites of Eastern China and Kyusyu
Yuka Horikawa Relationship between Airborne Bacteria and Mineral Particles at a Coastal in Kyusyu: Case Studies in Spring
Nastuo Murakami Properties and water solubility of chamber-prepared Kosa particles
2013 Yuki Tsugehata Comparison of aerosol particles at Amakusa west coast and China coast: 2010~2013
Ryutaro Matsuoka Aerosol particle concentrations at different altitudes in the boundary layer on Amakusa west coast
2012 Satoshi Fukushima Comparison of airborne particles and deposition particles associated with Asian dust at Kyushu western coast
Kotaro Murata Measurement of bacterial cell concentration and viability in the atmosphere with LIVE/DEAD BacLight stain: Laboratory experiment and field application
2011 Hideyuki Fujiwara Concentration and viability of airborne bacteria in Kumamoto from October to December
Yousuke Maruyama Investigation of number-size distribution of aerosol particles with tethered balloon flight on Amakusa western coast
2010 Kousuke Iwanaga Characteristicsc of atmospheric photochemical oxidant in Kumamoto areas
2008 Kazutaka Hara Observation of bacteria on aerosol particles in an urban atmosphere using a fluorescent microscopy
2007 Hiroko Ogata Study of Asian dust particles with electron microscope analysis and water dialysis
2004 Hezhe Ji Study on PAHs in urban atmospheric particles: cases in Kumamoto

B.S. degree

2017 Taisei Higashi Scattering and absorption of light by atmospheric aerosols: Observations at the Western Coast of Amakusa in the spring of 2017 and 2018
2017 Tsubasa Inoue Scattering and absorption of solar radiation by airborne particles:Observations at the Western Coast of Amakusa in the spring of 2017
Akiko Oshima Relationship between Airborne Bacteria and Particles:Observation at Kumamoto in 2017
Mina Kimura Fluctuation of PM2.5 and PM10 on Amakusa Western Coast in the Spring of 2017
Yuki Hashimoto Tests for Quantification of Protein in Aerosol Particles
2016 Rin Tomisaki Examination of the growth ability of airborne bacteria in artificial seawater
Makiko Nishi Morphology and composition of suspended particles in the western coast of Kyushu in the spring 2016
Yuka Horikawa Identification of particle-associated and free-living bacteria in the air: case study of Amakusa observation in 2016
Natsuo Murakami Morphology, size and element composition of dust particles of Tanger's desert sand and arriving in Kumamoto
2015 Miki Miyamoto Concentration and living status of bacteria adhered to atmospheric particles
Kaho Yamaguchi Comparison between airborne bacteria at two coastal sites in Eastern China and Western Kyushu
2014 Taishi Semoto PM2.5 concentrations at Amakusa west coastal site-Observations in the spring of 2014-
Tatsuya Tanaka Extraction and quantification of protein in atmospheric aerosols in Kumamoto City
Shinichiro Fukuyama Assessment of DNA damage caused by atmospheric suspended particles collected at Amakusa site in March 2014
Megumi Mukogawa Case study of the relationship between atmospheric microorganisms and particles with Anderson Sampler
Rie Yasutake Bacterial abundance of rainwater samples collected in Kumamoto City
2013 Yuji Teranaka Evolution of black carbon and nitrate concentrations on Amakusa west coast -Observations in the spring of 2013-
2012 Akihiro Kinkura Warming in Kumamoto and the response of sea surface temperature
Keita Kudo Volcanic particles of Sakurajima and the comparison with Shinmoedake
Saori Matsuo Concentration of black carbon on Amakusa western coast from March to May 2012
2011 Takashi Imamura Composition and morphology of the volcanic ash from Shinmoedake
Chika Kakihara Black carbon at the coast of Amakusa Island from March to September 2011
Mikako Takahashi SO2 and SO42- and their correspondence to meteorological conditions in Amakusa
Yuki Tsugehata Concentration of airborne particles in air masses from the Asian continent: comparison of Qingdao and Amakusa
Reika Nasu Relationship between ozone and weather on the west coast of Amakusa: springs of 2010 and 2011
Fusako Nishizaka Sunlight effect on the proliferative capacity of Bacillus spores
Ryutaro Matsuoka Evolution of aerosol particles in the boudary layer in Amakusa: from December to June 2011
2010 Hidetoshi Taguchi Analysis of coarse particles in the urban atmosphere of Kumamoto with SEM-EDX: A test study
Satoshi Fukushima Analysis of dry deposition samples of Asian dust collected in March 2010
Iori Matsumoto Observation of bacteria on individual aerosol particels with fluorescence staining
2009 Hideyuki Fujiwara Variation of airborne bacterial concentration in Kumamoto city from autumn to winter in 2009 -Observations at Prefectural University of Kumamoto-
Yousuke Maruyama Vertical distribution of aerosol within boudary layer in Amakusa: observation in December 2008
2008 Kousuke Iwanaga Oxidants in Kumamoto area from April to March 2008
Remi Yasukata UV radiation in Kumamoto from 1999 to 2008
2007 Hideaki Arimura Development of a program for the database of acid rain monitoring at Yatsushiro and Reihoku
Osamu Ishihara Pathway of air parcels leaving from four sites of China
Narimasa Goto Time series of oxidants recorded in Kumamoto in teh spring of 2007
2006 Yuko Iwamoto Development of a program for the database of acid rain monitoring at Yatsushiro and Reihoku
Kazutaka Hara Develpment of a method to observe microorganisms attached on individual soil particles
Noriyuki Yamasaki Net sediment transport and interannual ariability of grain size in Yatsushiro sound
2005 Hiroko Ogata Comparisons of Asian dust particles collected at Amakusa and Amami-Oshima: cases in spring 2005
Satoshi Kai Pathway of air parcels reaching to Amakusa
Miyuki Tanaka Analysis of physical and chemical characteristics of Asian dust particles transported to Amami-Oshima
2004 Miku Kawakami Source regions of SO2 at a semi-remote coastal site in the southwestern Japan
2003 Mayumi Shimomura Characteristics of SST (sea surface temperature) variation in Ariake sound
2002 Satoshi Hamada Sources accounting for high concentration of SO2 at southwestern Japan
Keiko Matsuo Sources and mechanisms for peak atmospheric particle concentrations at southwestern Japan -Number-size distributions recorded in spring 2002-
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