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Courtesy visit by exchange students to the president

On September 7, 2022, the four outgoing and three incoming exchange students to/from our overseas exchange partner universities, Montana State University Billings (U.S.A.) and Sangmyung University (Republic of Korea), paid a courtesy visit to the President Hiroaki Tsutsumi of PUK to give a presentation and exchange opinions about their study abroad experience.

The President stated “We have a long history of exchange with the two partner universities, and we have built a friendly relationship by continuing to send students every year not only for language learning but also better mutual understanding.” When asked by the president about their study abroad experience, the international students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to study in such a wonderful environment.

Then, each of the seven exchange students gave a presentation on the results and impressions of their study abroad experience, and the president asked each student a question. The students were relaxed and gave their presentations in a congenial atmosphere, with occasional laughter at the interesting episodes told by the president, who himself had studied in the U.S. In response to the Vice President’s question, “What surprised you the most during your study abroad?”, students came up with humorous answers which everyone was excited to hear. Finally, the President expressed his hope that the two exchange students from Montana State University, who will return to the U.S. this September, would play an active role as bridges between Japan and the U.S., and then gave them the same memento given to all PUK alumni.