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Annual Schedule Events and Activities

Entrance Ceremony
PUK-lympic (Athletic Meet)
Hakua-sai (University Festival)
April Entrance Ceremony
Orientation for new and continuing students
First Semester
May Foundation Day (May 2)
PUK-lympic (Athletic Meet)
July First-semester Examinations (late Jul. – early Aug.)
August Summer Vacation (early Aug. – late Sep.)
September Second Semester (late Sep.)
November Hakua-sai (University Festival)
December Winter Vacation (late Dec. – early Jan.)
February Second-semester Examinations (early Feb. – middle of Feb.)
March Graduation Ceremony
Spring Vacation (middle of Feb. – early Apr.)

University Guide for International Students

University Guide for
International Students

Handbook for PUK International Students

Handbook for PUK
International Students

Rent Subsidy Program for International Students

In 2021, we established the “Rent Subsidy Program” to financially support excellent newly enrolled international students and create an environment where they can concentrate on their studies.

Outline of Common Education

Half of the monthly rent (including utility cost, administrative expenses and common service fee) paid by international students will be subsidized for a certain period with a monthly limit of 27,000 yen.

The table below shows the number of eligible international students, the period and timing of grants, and the selection method.

Eligibility Maximum number of grantees Period and timing of grants Selection
Exchange Students Number of students specified in the exchange agreement Period specified in the exchange agreement. None
Privately funded International Students(※)

1st semester: 2 pers

2nd semester: 2 pers

4 pers in total per year.

6 months from the month of admission

1st semester: Apr. – Sep.

2nd semester: Oct. – Mar.

If there are more applications than grants available, the grades in the student’s previous course of study are considered and only the top performers will be granted the subsidy.
(This will be calculated by assessment points according to the link to the attached sheet.)

※ An international student who has a “student visa” and is newly enrolled at PUK as a regular student. However, those who have received a scholarship from the Japanese or a foreign government or an International Postgraduate Scholarship for Research on Mercury of PUK are excluded.

Inviting Family Members

To have family members (spouse and children only) come and live together with you, the student must be sufficiently accustomed to life in Japan and have enough financial resources to support the entire family.

Obtaining a Dependent visa

If you wish to invite family members from your home country to live with you in Japan, you must obtain a Dependent visa for each family member. The application must be made by the foreign student himself/herself at the Japanese embassy or consulate in his/her home country or at the Immigration Bureau of Japan.

Securing housing

PUK does not have a student dormitory. However, we introduce single occupancy apartments (furnished and equipped with appliances) to international students. If you wish to move to a private apartment to bring your family over, you may be able to use the “Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan” under which the university acts as a joint guarantor. Please check in advance.


Family members of foreign students (holders of a Dependent visa) may work part-time in Japan to earn an income. However, there are conditions regarding working hours, etc. Please be sure to check with the Immigration Bureau.


In addition to the Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE) and international student supporters, exchange support groups and local governments also hold exchange events, Japanese language classes, consultations, and information provision to support international students and their families.

Kumamoto City International Center

The Kumamoto Consultation and Support Plaza for Foreign Residents


Center for International Education and Exchange

Center for International Education & Exchange

The Center for International Education & Exchange (CIEE) provides a diverse array of support for both Japanese and international students. Especially for international students, we provide assistance in public procedures and daily life in Japan in both Japanese and English. We also issue to all international students an International Students’ Handbook providing information on campus life and various procedures needed to live in Japan.

Global Lounge

The main part of the CIEE is the Global Lounge (GL). Inside the GL, students have access to various foreign language resources that can be accessed with the help of the CIEE coordinator. The GL also offers 30-minute one-on-one and small group tutoring sessions where students can discuss their foreign language learning strategies and goals with the GL coordinator. Many students who are interested in international exchange gather in the GL.