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Courtesy visit by Dr. Foster (MSUB) to the vice president

On 26th October, 2022, Dr. Paul Foster, professor and Executive Director Office of International Studies at Montana State University Billings (MSUB), paid a courtesy visit to our Vice President PUK to exchange views on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the exchange agreement between MSUB and our university. This was Dr. Foster’s second visit to our university since 2014.

After welcoming Dr. Foster, the Vice President stated, “I feel that the exchange program with MSUB plays an important role in cross-cultural understanding and mutual exchange among our students, and that the tie-up between the two universities is of great significance to the region of Kumamoto.

A few days before this visit, an event commemorating the 40th anniversary of the sisterhood between Kumamoto prefecture and Montana state was held in Kumamoto, and Dr. Foster, a member of the delegation from Montana, as well as three exchange students from MSUB attended. The Professor said, “I am happy that MSUB is finally sending students to PUK this year, whereas in the past it has been unilateral from PUK to MSUB. We would like to increase the number of exchange students in the future,” he said enthusiastically.

Finally, commemorative gifts were exchanged: Dr. Foster presented a pin badge with the MSUB logo and chocolates, and the Vice President presented a furoshiki (wrapping cloth) with Mount Aso on it. After the courtesy visit, the Dr. Foster was invited to give a lecture on “Learning foreign languages” and “Experiencing different cultures” as well as a presentation on MSUB to our students during a Café Event at the Center for International Educational Exchange. The 22 students actively participated in the discussion in English.

From left to right: Vice President Suzuki, Dr. Foster, Prof. Lavin, Secretary General