Global Lounge|熊本県立大学
 Global Loungeでは、楽しみながら英語を学ぶことができます。国際教育交流コーディネーターが常駐しており、学生のみなさんの語学力に合わせて、様々な支援を受けることができます。また、語学学習に役立つ様々な教材(iPad、DVD、書籍、雑誌、ボードゲーム等)も利用できます。 国際教育交流コーディネーターの予定や各種イベントの情報は学内の掲示板のほか、大学ホームページ(「国際教育・国際交流」)でお知らせしています。


Dear students of PUK,

My name is Viorel RISTEA, and I am the coordinator at the new Center for International Education & Exchange (CIEE) / Global Lounge. I am writing this message to you all to introduce myself and to give you a short description of my job at the CIEE / Global Lounge.


I come from Romania and I have been involved in the foreign languages world for more than 25 years, out of which 12 I have spent living abroad. I grew up speaking Romanian with my family and close friends, and just like many of you, I started learning English at a very young age, and later also Chinese and Japanese. After a long journey of dedicated study, which culminated in a master’s degree in foreign language education, I worked in various fields as an interpreter and translator, consultant, teacher and ALT. Being able to speak several languages brought me many new and exciting opportunities, including this one: the chance to be part of the wonderful team at PUK.

Simply put, my job as a coordinator at the CIEE / Global Lounge is to share with you my foreign language learning secrets and experiences and to support you with your foreign language studies, especially with English and Chinese, regardless of your major or foreign language proficiency. I am also in charge of organizing Café Events at the Global Lounge and other cultural exchange activities that can facilitate cultural dialogue and help you expand your international awareness.

There is something special in all of us, regardless of age, gender or nationality, but somehow most of us are not aware of, or have difficulty identifying our strongest points. The sooner we are aware of our strengths, the greater the chance of achieving success. It is my goal to help you find the best in you and to support you in building your own path to success.

Whether you are majoring in English or you are a beginner, or just not confident in your foreign language abilities, you are invited to get in touch with me anytime at the Global Lounge for help and advice. Since the Global Lounge is currently closed, please contact me by email. I can help you via email or audio or video chat.


Coordinator, CIEE / Global Lounge


 国際教育交流コーディネーターと英会話やディスカッションができます。  お昼休み(12:00~12:30)には「ランチタイム英会話」を毎日開催! ランチを持ち寄って、気軽に英会話を楽しみましょう。シチュエーション別英会話では空港や入国審査、レストラン等のシチュエーションを想定して必要な表現を学ぶことができます。




Café Events

 学生のみなさんに異文化理解や語学学習の機会を提供することを目的に留学生との交流や世界各国の紹介等をCafé Eventとして月に数回開催しています。