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Department of Japanese Language & Literature

Position Name Field of Research
Professor Suzuki Hajime Literary Arts of the Late Medieval Age
Professor Hando Hideaki Japanese Linguistics
Professor Yamada Takashi Chinese Philosophy
Professor Yoneya Takashi Japanese Linguistics
Associate Professor Akiha Takako Japanese Language Education
Associate Professor Oshima Akihide Historical Science
Associate Professor Ogawa Shinji Linguistics; Japanese Linguistics; Dialectology
Associate Professor Goto Keiichi Modern Japanese Literature
Associate Professor Hatori Takafusa Performing Arts of Japan

Department of English Language & Literature

Position Name Field of Research
Professor Nijibayashi Kei English Romantic Literature, Victorian Prose, Victorian Poetry
Professor Murao Haruhiko Cognitive Linguistics
Professor Yoshii Makoto Second Language Acquisition; CALL(Computer Assisted Language Learning); English Teaching
Professor Richard Lavin CALL(Computer Assisted Language Learning); Applied linguistics
Associate Professor Ishii Kayo Clinical Psychology; Family Therapy; Family Psychology; School Clinical Psychology
Associate Professor Takegami Fumi English Language Education
Associate Professor Tanaka Kazuya English Literature
Associate Professor Namba Miwako Literary Theory; Comparative Literature
Associate Professor Hara Hiroko Intercultural Communication; Media; Film and Video Production
Associate Professor Yoshida Kei English Literature